December 12th, 2010

NCIS: abby

recs-in-progress: Sherlock!

Intro to fandom vid: the haunting-lovely Anomie (by Charmax)--London, loneliness, and unlikely symmetries.

Homemaking, by pru, which has probably been recced everywhere, but I like to be thorough. (PG, John POV.)
John's convalescence does not go as planned. Obviously. (Who could plan for Sherlock Holmes?)
Jie Jie (Big Sister), by Voggorlijah. (PG13; post-ep for The Blind Banker.) Nice POV on an character we lost before we could see enough of her, and a wonderful use of mood to match what we did see and make her into a more complete person.
Soo Lin was not her real name, but it is the one she chose; neither is it the name that matters most to her.
It Feels Like Home When I'm With You, by etothepii. (PG, ghost!John, J POV.) Surprisingly funny and believable.
Even death cannot separate John from his gun. Or his flat. Or, apparently, his flatmate.

No Such Thing as In-Between, by igrab. (PG, John/Sarah with implied future John/Sherlock; Sarah POV.)
Sarah will take every minute of John she can get, even if they are only the moments in between his real life: his real work, his real love.
The Art of Scheduling, or How Mycroft Realized He Was Well and Truly Fucked, by igrab. (R, Mycroft/Not!Anthea, M POV.) Adorable, sly, lots of fun. I grinned throughout, especially at Mycroft being so well outplayed.
It's not that Anthea doesn't have a life, or a personality. It's just that Mycroft doesn't know anything about them.

If You Can't Be With the One You Love, by sc010f. (NC17, during and after The Great Game. John/Sarah/Sherlock, Sarah POV.) I did not expect this to work for me, but the air of general desperation and Sarah's sadness and longing and confusion--the way Sarah is swept up into the center of the mad whirlwind that is John and Sherlock's life together, however briefly--and finally her defiant affirmation of life and claiming of pleasure in this one moment really got under my skin. I am predisposed to like Sarah fics; like Donovan, she gets short shrifted and we lose a female perspective in our pursuit of the obvious OTP.
This is not what Sarah had planned for the evening. It is both much, much worse and infinitely better.

SLASH (mostly)
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Kinkfics (Does Sherlock being a real sociopath count as a kink?)


Fusions with / adaptations of with Neil Gaiman's A Study in Emerald, which is itself an AU crossover between Doyle and Lovecraft. Read it here. Compelling, beautiful and frightening. I love the sense of lingering, undefined dread and the thrill Our Heroes (and we) feel in their hopeless rebellion against the Old Ones:
Never Look Back, by thedeadparrot, who is fast becoming one of my favourite authors in the fandom. (NC17, Sherlock/John, J POV). John loves the knives as much as he loved his gun, and uses them just as well. He has trained his whole life for this; "thus always to tyrants," amen.
Brightly Burning, by anon: commentfic at the kinkmeme. (PG, J POV.) They must become legend, but John wants the man beside him to know his true name; And Memories and Possibilities (PG, Lestrade POV in the same storyverse). Lestrade is a good servant to the Queen, but there are some things he will never speak of... some things he will never do. Nice cameo by creepy!Anderson and a very sad scene in which Lestrade tries to protect Donovan and the rest of his squad.

ETA: so i will probably never finish this. i stopped reading every single fic when the number on AO3 hit 1k, and stopped scanning when i was sentenced to bedrest (no comfortable way to use the laptop). but, well, it was lovely while it lasted.