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My podfic, let me show you it!

I MADE SOMETHING!!! *dances*
I recently recorded Saestina's fabulous Dr Who fic "Anamnesis" (which I recced around this time last year)--partly to celebrate my first year in the fandom, but mostly as a way of procrastinating: my grant proposal is due Wednesday, auuugh--and it is now up at General Jinjur's archive (the first of its kind, too). I actually contributed to fandom, y'all! I am insufferably pleased with myself.
Thanks to Saestina, of course, for writing the fic--a lovely bit of bittersweet Ten and Rose (I think of it as gen, or maybe post het, or even--depending on your POV--pre het, timelines being what they are in Who; and after all, this is where love is holding hands, a gesture so rich with meaning here that it makes my throat tight) after Doomsday: almost a requirement for authors in this fandom--and for generously allowing an absolute amateur to record it; and of course to Jinjur, who as it turns out is not only an excellent podficcer herself but also a really nice person, for hosting it (and all the many others at her audiofic hub: a veritable treasurehouse of awesomeness, with awesomesauce on top). So go listen! Feedback is love: fanperson the author--whose other fics can be found here--and / or the reader and / or the host if you enjoy, which I really hope you do.
Tags: ficrecs, podfic, whoverse
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