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N3 recs: mostly Dira

I am miserably sick--voiceless, auuugh: even breathing is hard and rattles painfully in my chest, and everything (including my soft as silk bamboo sleepshift) hurts everywhere it brushes against my skin--but what with the coughing and all I cannot sleep, so I thought I might clear some of the recs I have been sitting on since everything went to Hell over the summer, which leads me to Numb3rs.
I semirandomly fell in love (tripped into it, really) with this oddball little show in May, when everything was still peachy and I was looking forward to almost three months of writing on my own schedule. I was watching reruns of the second and third seasons, and really wanted some nice fluffy Charlie / Colby slash, which I quickly found. My favourites (in the "relatively short standalone" category): "Calculus is Easy" by FrostFire, a sweet and funny Colby POV piece; and "Gleam" by Dira Sudis, a sweet and hot Colby POV piece. In keeping with my usual method of wayfinding in new fandoms, I proceeded to read everything Dira (and Frost, and several others) had recced or written for N3; this was just as she began posting her novel length "Missing Persons" (vid to match! Someone You Might Have Been by Merry), so I read that too and could not stop. Now, I did not want to like this fic. It is riddled with things that skirt the edges of my reading boundaries: torture, both physical and psychological; problematic consent; and incest, which I had thought could not be done in character without damaging said characters so thoroughly that I could not bear to read them.... But honestly, escaping into this--something so very dark (so much darker even than the senseless tragedy that was happening all around me) and so very compelling, intensely well written in every sense--gave me something to look forward to in the unhappy days of June and July, and I was (and remain) deeply grateful for that. And in the end, I did like it. In fact, I loved it. It just tore me apart fist, so be sure to keep a safety tab open while you read.

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