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XF: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

So what if I am ten years late to the party? Mulder / Krycek (*) is everything I love in an antagonistic pairing: shifting loyalties, hidden agendas, uneasy alliances. O, and also hotness. They cannot seem to keep their eyes or their hands from each other, and I can hardly blame them.
I really am having fun working thru The X Files as I convalesce; if nothing else, playing "name that obscure Vancouver actor" is always entertaining. But really, it's the Byzantine plotting of the mytharc--the operatic sprawl of mystery and deceit, the plans within plans and the truths used as lies--that keeps my interest. And Gillian Anderson's achingly gorgeous face (her MOUTH, my God)! Starter recs, anyone? The darker the better.

* Intro to pairing vid is Kinda I Want To by Thandie: clever, to use a song contemporary with the source, and she makes both seem fresh. It's from Mulder's POV--and saying that he only "kinda" wants to looks like a dramatic understatement when you cut it all together like this--but Krycek steals the show with the hungry expression on his face every time he looks at Mulder.... and as much as I love Callum Keith Rennie, which is a LOT, I am so very glad he did not take this role: partly because I really like Nicholas Lea in it (exactly my type), partly because CKR tends to give his villains a kind of feral intensity that does not lend itself to a character who--at least in the beginning--is so completely owned by Cancer Man and the Consortium, and partly because I absolutely adore Ray Kowalski (who might never have come to be in the form we know and love if CKR had been busy with The X Files). Enjoy!
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