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my dystopian future vision, let me show you it.

ok. so this is apparently the season for vids so good that my love for them can only be textually rendered in extreme keysmashing and extended capslock, which i will generously spare you and not even attempt--instead, i will show you the damn vids. which are awesome, but also SCARY AS FUCK, and full of all the things that go bump in the great dark vastness of the interstellar night when we play god with ourselves, each other, and technology.

first (SGA): pegasus makes killers of us all, and no one ever wins.
open secrets of the pegasus galaxy by yevgenie (i have wanted exactly this vid for years.)

second (BSG x SCC): the robots will rule us all, if they don't kill us first. and we might deserve it.
unnatural selection by charmax (i believe this on a very basic level: this is the stuff of my nightmares.)

third (HS, SPN, FF: explicit): hell is other siblings. siblings that are very, very close.
climbing up the walls by obsessive (meta on the incest fixation at last.)

and for the sake of a little levity--or at least less death and destruction--i give you merlin. more specifically, arthur/merlin. it is just so shamelessly sweet and pretty! they (all) are just so silly, and so young, and so very melodramatic: they keep trying to die for one another! in progressively more reckless and idiotic ways! with interludes of snarking and long longing gazes (i know)! and all in this fantastically unmedieval middle ages where everything is clean and there are tomatoes!!! so, my favourite vid in the fandom so far, which is actually suprisingly emo yet utterly lovely.
elemental by fabella (the answer is always no, beloved.)

one of these days i shall (!) post something coherent, and maybe even something nonfannish, but that night is not this night.
Tags: multiverse, vidrecs
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