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testing, testing: one, two, three (first xpost)

Alright, kids, I have (obviously) made the leap and moved to Dreamwidth, where I am now simply ekaterina . I will be crossposting and keeping the LJ account for friends and fandom comms not migrating, but the majority of my virtual life will be here. There. Whatever. (Galen moment!) So if any of you are settling into journals under different names, please tell me so I can friend you or circle you or whatever the new terminology is! I plan to cut the flist on LJ down to anyone who is not mirrored on DW, and as always every day is defriending amnesty day from my POV as well. See y'all around, and have a great run for the roses tomorrow: mint juleps FTW! And now I am going to fall asleep to the sweet sounds of the awesomely slashy action of Die Hard 4.
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