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It's all saltwater, anyway.

We were playing in the surf—MzA, Leah, and me—today, plashing merrily in the salty sandy water, when Leah looked down at a broken bit of oyster I had offered her (a luminous lavendergrey shard) and said, “My shell!”

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MzA and I just stood there and cried, both of us, clinging awkwardly to one another; and eventually, I turned my back and walked into the water—the inscrutable, beautiful sea that I have always loved: its great wash of sound and colour—because I was not grateful for that moment: I was desperate to escape the pain of its grief and the awful intimacy of sharing it. I was a coward, and I wanted to just STOP—trying, hurting, everything.

And all I could think as I stumbled gracelessly into the ocean, ugly with weeping, was: It's all saltwater, anyway.
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epic fail: or, why is grad school so hard?

please tell me where this--the first vague beginnings of what G has dubbed "Kate's Multiple Gap Theory" (ahahaha) but which i am calling ZOMG SO MANY QUESTIONS!--makes sense and where it does not. i am getting tangled in the language, which is an occupational hazard with semiotics, and am very tired (as well as medicated to the gills)... so i need your help, O flist of mine. and i apologize for the notes format; this is an expansion of ideas suggested but not explored in our readings and class discussions and it's more than i can do right now to make it more presentable.

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halp! talk this thru with me, please. and now to bed.
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Battlestar rec: no one screams so lovely raw as Kara Thrace

Except maybe Peter Petrelli, my God. But I digress.
Please, please, please, Lords of Kobol: do not let RDM (and/or the PTB) ruin this season of Battlestar Galactica, I beg you! Because a bad end would, I think, retroactively spoil the whole series; I can live with last season's rushed pacing and superficial narrative, its ridiculous attempts at romantic subplots--the Quadrangle of Doom (TM), gak--and general sloppiness: I can fix most of that by substituting fanon for canon in my mind. But if the revelation of the final Cylon's identity (who I kind of want to be an Adama), or of what (where and especially when) Earth is, or of the Cylon God's master plan (as well as the origin of the Cylons' faith in him) were a disappointment it could taint the entire universe they have built. It makes me so nervous. But no matter what happens, there will always be fic. This one is perfect:
"Eleusis" by MercurialWit (Kara/Leoben, Kara POV) A speculation piece covering the time between Maelstrom and the final moments of the finale, almost certain to be Jossed: what Kara experienced while she was gone (dead), and how it prepares her to become what she was born to be--Artemis, Aurora, Persephone, Kore. Delightfully thinky, and quite fun.
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Gateverse recs: there are two Johns Sheppard, and I love them both... and also Lorne/Parrish

To celebrate the return of the second half of Stargate: Atlantis (Season Four), I give you the happiest McShep vid ever: Four Years (Of a "Life Extraordinary") by Fabella.

My favorite episodes of the first half of the season, the ones my mind has lingered on the most, were all about John's darkness: his fears, and what he will do (who he is capable of being, of becoming) to prevent them from being realized. John's worst and deepest fear--Rodney dying--was laid bare in the harsh illusion of Doppelganger and then again in the ugly reality of Miller's Crossing, where he takes a long stride in the direction of his nightmare vision of himself: cold, calm, and utterly implacable. We usually see Sheppard through a carefully constructed haze of lazy charm; I am glad to see--and to read--this dark!John again.

we were born to fuck each other one way or another
(vid by HollywoodGrrl)
Even Atlas only had to carry the weight of a world; John is responsible for an entire galaxy at war, and he is no Titan. Behold: John, his many masks, and the spaces between them.
(This is the diametrical opposite of Four Years, which is part of my glee at reccing them together.)
"Brother to the Executioner" by XParrot (Miller's Crossing tag)
There is no John anywhere in all the multiverse who said yes to Rodney when he offered to give himself to the Wraith.
Short and sweet. Well, not sweet. But incisive.
"5 People JS Did NOT Kill on P9W(ever)TF" by SardonicSmiley (hard R for violence; gen, perhaps preslash)
Exactly what the title suggests. This is John at his scariest, and now I can see him--or rather, the possibility of (for) him--in canon; this John is only a few steps away from the one we saw in MC. Have I mentioned that I love this season? I am also terribly tempted to write a coda following the state-mandated group therapy sessions for these five OCs, who have nothing in common but chance and fear.
you want me? fucking well come and get me (vid also by HollywoodGrrl)
I'll be waiting with a gun... / and nothing--nothing--nothing.
HWG's two vids are a matched set, a portrait diptych of a feral and frightening John (very like the John in Smiley's fic); this panel is taken from The Storm and The Eye, in which John ruthlessly kills a battalion of Genii who threaten his people and his City. I LOVE THIS JOHN.

But then there's the other John--and his other Atlantis--whom I also love: the one who never sees it coming, the one with the skateboard and the Johnny Cash poster in his room, the one who manages to look bewildered all the way up to his silly hair. Here are a few of his stories.

"Zelenka's Still" by AuburnNotHenna (gen)
A day in the very strange--and mostly funny--life of John Sheppard.
The acronym SNAFU became common currency for a reason, and days like this are part of why.
"The Beatings Will Continue Unti Morale Improves" by SmittyWing
(John and Lorne at USAFA; semiexplicit McShep and Lorne in Atlantis)
Why you should never feed your alien cat-thing powerbars, and other lifelessons learned in the Pegasus Galaxy.
Nothing I could tell you about this fic would be anything like as good as the fic itself, so just read it. I defy anyone to not laugh at the final stunt with the goat.
"Cohesion" by Stillane (explicit McShep, with a splash of estabished Lorne/Parrish)
O, boys.
John and Rodney fight over an Ancient tech toy like children: an accidentally-in-love story which warms my heart every time.

Major Lorne's supporting role in Smitty and Stillane's fics is the perfect segue into my new favorite (and ridiculously obscure, even for me) SGA pairing: Lorne/Parrish. For at least a year Major Lorne had no canon first name--fandom seems to have mostly called him Nick until TPTB settled on Evan--and Dr David Parrish was in only one episode; but there was chemistry (I know, I know: my slash goggles, let me show you them), and if Sheppard can have a pet scientist why shouldn't his 2IC have one too?
So, another of my "love's progress" sets, this one following Lorne and Parrish through Season Two: a ficlet, "Clue" (by Tuuli: preslash, Lorne POV), during Runner--the first and only episode in which we see Parrish; "Perimeter" (by CassPeach: preslash, Parrish POV)--an adorably awkward tag to Runner; "Sky from Sea" (by PackMentality: gen, Lorne POV)--mission to the sushi planet; "Day In, Day Out" (by AnaGrrl: preslash and offscreen first time, Lorne POV)--one hundred and one days in the Pegasus galaxy; "Pit Traps, Not So Much" (by WickedWords: preslash, Lorne POV)--the one with the rope; "The Sincerest Form of Flattery" (by ZoeRayne: explicit AMTDI first-time, Lorne POV)--the road to Hell is paved with possibilities; a ficlet during Coup D'Etat, "Sweep Up The Wood" (established relationship and offscreen sex, Parrish POV), and its coda "Parum" (both by CassPeach)--they brought the bodies back, burned beyond recognition, with only the dogtags to identify them; an alternate tag to Coup, "Identification" (by Lamardeuse: explicit first-time, Parrish POV)--David's fingers clenched on the charred and twisted metal; "Icarus by Choice" (by SpaceBabe; established and explicit, Lorne POV)--after a mission goes wrong, the Major takes care of his botanist; "Hothousing" (by VileSeagulls: explicit, Lorne POV)--sometimes a mission goes right, and they take care of each other; and, finally, "Unsingeable Name" (by 30toSeoul; established, Lorne POV), in which Sheppard finds out.

And now, bed!
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Gateverse recs: Cesca's magnum opus

"Written by the Victors"
(a novel of future history)
by Speranza

           It is likely, then, that Se Narsaugir, like its companions in the Liant Codex, will remain as much a source of mystery as of enlightenment to scholars seeking to understand the literatures and histories circulating around the Secession and the Great Schism with Terra that occurred immediately thereafter. For myself, I have found in all my work with this codex that the subjects of its poems and chronicles--John Sheppard, Rodney McKay, Teyla Emmagan, Ronon Dex, and all those who knew them--are both present to me, and at the same time they recede from me; so that I must wonder at how real they seem, and yet how ghostly and insubstantial, ae seri mana deleith, "as if they had never been"
The Liant Commentaries, Aesc).

Words cannot describe the depth of my adoration for this fic. I laughed so hard when I was reading it at the Gervais Street Starbucks last September that I spilled my iced coffee twice, and then had to leave because I started crying and couldn't stop. The way the story filters down to us through multiple perspectives and layer upon layer of discourse--speaking of which, I <3 Paul Dugan and his droll conservatism (so like Dr Benson, my advisor at Sewanee)--is unspeakably brilliant; the world of academic interpretation and dispute Cesperanza has created is so richly imagined and so convincingly realized that I found myself tempted to respond with a critique, not to (of) the author but to (of) the fictional historians. But this epic constructed historical narrative--however clever its premise and skillful its execution--still relies on the emotional plot for accessibility and meaning; John Sheppard is the living heart of that plot, animating it and giving it the strength to support the weight of the armature of ideas that rests on it. Victors is for me essentially a love story, a fable illustrating the impact one man can have: John's loves and loyalties shape the destiny of two galaxies, rippling outward from his bond with his team and with Atlantis herself to profoundly change Pegasus and its relationship with Earth and the Via Lactea. And for all the delight I took in this fic as an intellectual exercise (and for all that I enjoyed the hell out of the slow reveal), it is the love story--the fable--that has stayed with me most clearly in the months since I first read it.
As I've said before, the notion that their shared experience has changed the original expedition members from Terrans to Lanteans is a fanon staple, and this fic takes that idea to its logical conclusion: How far would you go to defend your family and your home, even from your own people? *

* trailer bu Zulu

Now available as podfic (read by EVERYONE, 5h 27m)!

And... as much as this is a McShep story, I think it's primary pairing is really an OT3: Academia/Cesperanza/Fandom.
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Dr Who recs: where love is holding hands

The Doctor / Rose Tyler: the Oncoming Storm and the Bad Wolf
"I'm the Doctor, and this is Rose. She's my 'plus one'."
It's better with two.

Fade Together vid by MartoufMarty (Nine/Rose/Ten)
"When you're far away / O God you are so far away..."
The Doctor and Rose, together and apart.

"Roundabout" or the swiftly tilting planet fic, by Casira
(Nine, Rose, and what MMWD calls lyrical angst) He can feel the world turning.

"The Terminus of Prayer" by Cadhla (Nine, Rose: a Parting of the Ways fic)
How would the story have ended if Little Red Riding Hood were also the Big Bad Wolf?

"Leave the Light On" by CherryIce (Jack, Nine, Rose)
Captain Jack Harkness is this fandom's little black dress; this is how he got there.

"The Way Through the Woods" by Doyle (pre-OT3)
They say the triangle is the most stable of forms; little do they know.

"Five Things" fic: "Times the Doctor Made It Better, At Least a Little" by LightGetsIn
(ensemble, both doctors)

"Worlds in Conjunction" by DarkAegis (Ten/Rose, Martha)
In which Rose is simply fantastic. This is my favorite Whofic yet.

"Circles" by OrangeCrushed (Ten/Rose, R; a Doomsday ficlet)
The one adventure the Doctor can never have would tear the universe apart; he knows because it already has.

"Anamnesis" by Saestina (Ten/Rose, post Doomsday) now available as podfic (read by ME, 6m)!
He goes back, and asks to hold her hand--that's all--and it's enough; it has to be.

The Return (trailer for a reunion fic, Ten/Rose)
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Heroes recs: shiny new fandom!

Three vids:
Die Another Day vid by MartoufMarty (Peter, Sylar, a bit of Claude)
Being an empath is not all it's cracked up to be, and life as a bomb sucks.

Goodnight, Moon vid by BradCPU (ensemble)
The only way to describe this is as a fever dream, with Mr Muggles assuming a strangely ominous role.

The Wreckoning vid by Charmax (NikiJessica)
She came, she saw, she kicked some ass....

Three fics:

"Predestinate" by Saestina (Peter, Claire: gen)
This answers--brilliantly--the biggest of the questions remaining in the aftermath of Volume One: Every other future Isaac Mendez painted has come to pass, one way or another. Why not this one?

"Imaginary Friend" by FantasticPants (Bennet/Claude)
Seven years, two months, and one day pass between murders on a bridge--the worst thing Noah Bennet has ever done, and the best. A dead man keeps him company.
HRG is rapidly becoming my favorite character--his road to perdition is compelling and his snark delightful--and FP is without question a master of his characterization. I am every bit as enthusiastic about her as some people are about paper.

"What You Wish For" by Cerebel
(Matt, Mohinder/Nathan!Sylar; a Five Years Gone fic)
It's hard to lie to a telepath... unless, of course, the telepath prefers a lie to the truth. And with so little to choose between them, what difference does it make anyway?
O, how I love dystopian futures and postapocalyptic landscapes! And the narrative spareness of this is so elegant, so devastating.
NCIS: abby

Gateverse recs: Astolat, MinervaCat, RagePrufrock, and Resonant, with vids to match

Well, here you have it: three months of fiction addiction (and mono-induced sloth) reduced to a single recs post.

SGA: why I <3 McShep (stages of love)

1. “Share” by RagePrufrock (Rodney and John friendship; episode tag for The Return Part One)
He's never been a part of something like he was in Atlantis. Maybe it's a betrayal, but even more than he misses the city, he misses her people—his people—his team. John. The thing is—and this is something Rodney has always known, one way or another—that Atlantis and all she holds, all she held for Rodney, was always a dream. That had only made him want her more, and Rodney knows that’s why he’ll miss John with the same burn he misses the city: not because he was ever Rodney’s to keep, but because Rodney had wanted him so badly.
This is all about Rodney's aching loneliness; he is so full of longing. This fic is by turns sweet, silly, and sad: Rodney just wants John to like him (without making him try).
2. Just a casual, casual, easy thing vid by Shalott
3. "Shift" also by Pru ("Share" from John's POV)

4. “I'd Go Home If I Knew How To Get There” by MinervaCat (friendship, preslash)
Who knew concussions could lead to love?
"I brought you your stuff,” Rodney said. "I thought it might help you remember who you were.”
He showed John a framed photo, and John recognized his skinny self and the man standing next to him. He couldn't remember anything else, but that picture was familiar. Rodney said, "I guess this is your grandfather or something.”
"Rodney,” John said patiently, "That's Evil Knievel.”

5. "Transcendental" by Astolat aka Shalott (John/Rodney, explicit) podfic read by General Jinjur (4h 27m)
In which the Genii are fuckwits, and everyone else is more perfectly brilliant than they have any right to be.
The video stuttered and interrupted, and then picked up again inside the city looking at a big chart, just an ordinary line graph, but done in purple and bright pink, with smiley faces and frowns drawn on it. Mina was standing next to the chart with a pointer.
"This is how many points the Genii have so far. It isn't a lot because every time they do something stupid and mean, Dr. McKay takes away all their points."
Mina thwacked the pointer against the two zero marks on the line, or at least vaguely in their general area. "This is where they tried to ambush us, and this is where they tried to send spies to Atlantis. They have lost more than forty thousand points."

6. “Interface” Parts One, Two, and Three by Resonant
(John/Rodney; eventually—but briefly—explicit ficlets)
Rodney has what John needs, and he can take it away, and John will be in just as much danger whether he says it or not. And maybe if he gives Rodney his fear, it will make them even.
A fandom cliché put to perfect use: alien mindmelding tech reveal John and Rodney to each other. I like how hard it is for this John to let himself be known, even when he knows that the one who sees him looks with love. 
7. "Knowing" also by Res (shameless McShep smutlet: but with Res, a sex scene always tells you something important about the characters. And it's HOT LIKE A BURNING THING.)

8. No one should have to face the underworld alone vid by Merry
This is one of my favorite vids in the history of ever; it alternates between a series of skin-crawlingly cramped alien environments and the frighteningly fast and vast empty dark that I always think of when I imagine space. 

9. “Cartography by Touch” by Pru, podfic read by the author (1h 16m)
(friendship, John POV: recovery from sexual assault; Pru has said that "the story was not about rape--a word I purposefully never used--but about the part I think a lot of people forget: the after, the ever after") and
10. its sequel “A History of Maps” (Rodney POV; a tentative John/Rodney by the end)
I have only barely been able to resist making everyone I know read these; seriously, they should be taught in high school. Taken together, these two stories are such a perfect portrait, full of hurt and hope, of something that we all know from one or both of these perspectives. Becoming anything is an asymptotic function, a pilgrimage, and John and Rodney begin to understand that healing--becoming whole--is no different.
“Cartography” was written for 14 Valentines 2006, February 5: sexual violence; the essay for the cause of the day began: D.H. Lawrence wrote of women like the damp, slick lips of a burst-open fig, sweet and sticky. “Maps” was written for 14 Valentines 2007, February 10: progress; Vylit, writing the day's essay, began by saying: The third most powerful person in American politics, second in line to take over the presidency, is a woman--Nancy Pelosi--but half the coverage she earned after her first State of the Union was about the color and cut of her clothes. The project is a loveletter to women everywhere, and everyone should bookmark it. 

11. Four Ways to Defeat the Wraith Through Good Health, Part One: Posture or the vid that proves that for all its alien vampire catfish Pegasus is mostly fun, by Zoe

And the crack!fics (all by Pru):
12. "He's Having Her Baby!" (friendship, preslash) podfic read by the author (33m)
In which Rodney decides that John was impregnated by an alien energy-being that looks like a squid made out of light. And is wrong. Of course. Except that this is Pegasus, where anything that can happen--and plenty of things that can't--probably will, so there's the sequel....
12. "He's Having HIS Baby!" (John/Rodney, explicit) podfic read by Jaebi Lit (1h 18m)
In which John actually IS impregnated by alien light. Sort of.
"I'm actually not as freaked out as I thought I'd be," he admits.
Elizabeth smiles at him approvingly. "Good. We're all here for you, John."
The moment's so sappy that John has to say, "That's only because I haven't given any serious thought to how it's going to come out, though."
Elizabeth rolls her eyes. "Okay, John..."
"No, seriously. I mean, how would it even--?"
John grins, and turns back to his paperwork.
It's all fun and games until he's up at four in the morning knocking on Carson's door in a panic.
Because seriously, he thinks, letting Carson take his blood pressure: how the hell is the baby going to come out?
The next day John and Carson came up with the "Cesarean, Cesarean, Totally a Cesarean" plan.
14. "The one in which John discovers Atlantean television" (podfic read by Jaebi Lit, 27m)
...and learns to regret it: with codae one, two, and three. (John/Rodney, Pru/Fandom)
"You have got to be kidding me," John muttered, and fast-forwarded through Miyatha's descension with her baby and subsequent slap-fight with Miyutha (her evil twin sister) until John saw Helion slink onto the scene again, slouching at a generic conference table and smirking at a roomful of military leaders.
15. "Advantage" by Res (John/Rodney, explicit; slavefic), podfic read by Dodificus (1h 31m)
More fandom cliches, more perfect use: alien snacks make them do it, and John tops from the bottom.


"Look to the Heavens and Number the Stars" by Min (OFC, gen)
and its coda “The Silent Language of the Stars”
It's hard to define birth and death dates for Dr. Daniel Jackson; finally Claire decided on four different author and subject headings: one for before he ascended, one for while he was gone, and one for after he descended (twice, each with its own heading).
The excerpt is actually from a “Five Things” set—"Problems Faced by the SGC Librarian"—Min wrote long before the librarian got a name and a fic of her own; it's still the best possible introduction. I want this job, but I think I'll have to get in line behind the author and every other nerd who's read this. Actually, being a librarian was my first career choice, before I blundered into museology that summer in Europe, and this fic is almost enough to make me regret leaving archiving for art history. Almost.

NCIS: abby

Gateverse recs: Tok'Ra (KatieM and LizardBeth)

"Hall of Mirrors" by KatieM (a set of AUs for Lantash and Martouf)
Lantash keeps him bald, at his request. When people ask him why, he affects an expression of mild incomprehension and says, very sweetly, "Why not?"
"Snakeskin: the Tok'Ra in Five Acts" by KatieM (all the rest of the Tok'Ra we know)
I liked the Jacob Carter and Selmak one the best: Jacob called Selmak "the little woman" in private for months, and every year they celebrated an anniversary. In the end, it was all about love.
"Meeting Old Friends" or the diner at the end of the universe fic, by LizardBeth (Jacob POV)
We will not surrender, even in death.

"Tok'Ra Allegiance" by LizardBeth
(remix of the episode "Allegiance" from season six, Malek-in-Asheron POV, gen)
"This single blade did what we could not. It has brought us together. This blade has spilled the blood of Jaffa, of Tok'ra, and of Tau'ri. By the hand of our common enemy," he said, walking past the dead ashrak and into the center of the loose circle that had formed around him, "we are united, made brothers. Together we have ensured it will never spill our blood again."

"Going Home" (Sam/Malek-in-Asheron, sequel to "Tok'Ra Allegiance")
"Five Sunrises that Asheron Saw" (coda to "Going Home")
NCIS: abby

Gateverse recs: Synecdochic

SGA: the City on the Edge of Forever *
Major or Lt Colonel John Sheppard / Dr Rodney McKay--aka McShep:

"Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose"
(Rodney POV; character death, futurefic)
There is a gravestone in Arlington National Cemetery. It sits watch over an empty grave, and there is a vine with small blue flowers, one the gardeners can't identify from any book, twining up its side. It is an utterly unremarkable memorial, name and rank and dates, no different from the thousands of others save for the verse that graces its face:
Eternal Father, strong to save,
Whose arm hath bound the restless wave,
Who bidd'st the mighty ocean deep
Its own appointed limits keep;
Oh, hear us when we cry to Thee,
For those in peril on the sea.
Every year, a few more flowers bloom.

He visits every August. Sometimes, when he is sitting in the late-afternoon sun, his fingers brushing the petals of the Athosian flower-of-mourning, Rodney wonders if any passersby ever find it odd that the grave of an Air Force colonel bears the words of the Navy Hymn.

And This Is How It Works vid by Lim
As a companion piece this video does what every every vid should for its source material: it adds a layer of meaning and mood to  "Freedom" (through both the footage and the music) that isn't there without it. The song--"On the Radio" by Regina Spektor--is a perfect counterpoint to the images and the story; I loved the visual graininess rhyming with the way time slides and stutters and can be described by math but not *contained* by it. These are the lyrics:
"This is how it works:
you're young until you're not,
you love until you don't,
you try until you can't....
And everyone must breathe until their dying breath.
No, this is how it works:
you peer inside yourself;
you take the things you like,
then try to love the things you took....
And then you take that love you made
and stick it into some--
someone else's heart,
pumping someone else's blood;
and walking arm in arm,
you hope it don't get harmed....
But even if it does you'll just do it all again."

The choice of this song, which at first seems such an unlikely match for its own poetry (nevermind the feel of "Freedom"), soon reveals itself as GENIUS: compare the melody and the words with the final paragraph of the story, and you'll see what I mean. And I so love the spareness of Lim's vids.
"And the Band's Playing 'Hail to the Chief'" (coda to "Freedom's Just Another Word") podfic read by General Jinjur (25m)
Years later, Rodney will still turn to the recording when he is feeling useless and inadequate. It makes good theatre: Harris standing at the podium, the pop of the flashbulbs print reporters still use for their analog cameras despite the long availability of the digital replacement, the way his voice does not waver as he begins, "At eight thirty this morning, packages were sent to five hundred scientists containing the full details of what I am about to explain to you all here. It is my hope that this information will allow us to come together as a scientific community to begin work on achieving a dream that has long been thought unattainable....” He allows himself one small, triumphant smile when Harris gets to "...allow our race to finally reach the stars...”.

"Nondisclosure Agreement"
(an SGA "Five Things" fic--"John Has Never Told Anyone, Ever"--only squared)
I like to read these as prequels to "Freedom" but of course they can stand alone.
16. John likes being on Atlantis; this part isn't the secret. Atlantis likes John, too, and everyone knows that much. The secret is this: Atlantis kind of creeps John the fuck out. The constant presence in the back of his head, the puppy that cannot be brought to heel.
Look at this, it nudges him when he walks through the corridors, touch this see this fix this appreciate this let me show you. Never strong enough to be words, but a relentless chatter of sense, impression, feeling. The Ancient technology has a mental component, all the scientists say, but John thinks maybe he's the only one of them Atlantis wants to control as much as they want to control her. Surely if anyone else were feeling this, the sense of intrusion and imposition and never, ever, ever being alone in the confines of your own skull, they wouldn't charge blindly into exploration and discovery the way they do. John listens to Atlantis, lets Atlantis listen to him, because someone has to and he's the best equipped. That doesn't mean he doesn't miss the days when his head had a population of one.
And "A Long Gold Sliding into Dawn" (sequel, John/Rodney; warning: explicit)
with I Am/Lamb vid by Lim (Johncentric, set to Johnny Cash's "Mercy Seat")
Things are clicking and falling into place, all the afternoons of arguing about sports and the evenings of watching bad movies and listening to Rodney rant about popular depictions of science, all the mornings where he fights Rodney for the last of the not-quite-blueberry muffins and all the nights when his run takes him past the lab and the light makes him stop and get in a round of bickering before bed. All the ways in which Rodney makes him normal, piece by piece, repainting his definitions with nothing more than sheer force of will and matter-of-fact acceptance, and has nearly from the start.

I hope y'all enjoy Syn as much as I do! Feedback is love.
The SGA intro-to-fandom vid is Right Here, Right Now by Hollywoodgrrl. WATCH IT. It's BRLLNT!